Booklets About Krill Meat

We would like to offer you krill meat – a superfood from the Antarctic. Krill meat is a new product in North American market and we are its exclusive distributor in the USA and Canada. Krill meat can be easily integrated into many seafood processors product lines (as krill meat cakes, chowder soups, hush puppies, sushis, dumplings and many, many others).

Krill is the world’s least utilized, healthiest and cleanest protein source. It is very similar in taste and texture to crab or lobster meat, but contains more omega-3, vitamin A, B12 and other nutrients. On top of this it is also 30-60% less expensive than crab and lobster meat. Krill is also a highly sustainable marine resource. Less than 1% of its total biomass is available through quotas, of which only a small fraction is processed into high quality meat. Of this we own almost 100% because of the technology that we use to process, blanch, freeze, and pack the product immediately after the catch.

This, as well as our vertically integrated supply chain and quotas for harvesting in Antarctic waters, puts us in a unique position to offer krill meat at an affordable price, with direct responsibility for its quality and supply. Its versatility makes it an excellent addition to any food processor’s product line. For recipe ideas and to learn more about health benefits please see the attached recipe book and leaflet.

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