Indulge in a seafood extravaganza featuring the ocean’s finest treasures! 🐟 Our latest offerings are crafted to perfection, ensuring a delectable blend of health, taste, and sustainability. 🌍 

Discover the Benefits: 

✅ Bullet Tuna: 

Omega-3 rich, perfect for sashimi. 

✅ Black Skipjack Tuna: 

Delightful main course packed with omega-3 and protein among other nutrients 

✅ Pacific Mackerel: 

Nutrient-rich powerhouse. 

✅ Thread Herring: 

Light and flaky, sustainably sourced. 

✅ Round Scad: 

Mild flavor, quality assured. 

✅ South Pacific Hake: 

Lean, nutrient-packed, ethically sourced. 

✅ Striped Bonito: 

Bold and flavorful, customizable. 

Why Choose #BoniSeafood? 

  • 🔗 Direct Connection to the Source for competitive prices. 
  • 🌍 Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Sustainability. 
  • 🛍️ Customized Solutions: From single containers to tailored mixes. 
  • 💳 Partner-Friendly Payments: Flexible for your convenience. 

Ready to make waves? 🌊 Drop us a message and let’s embark on a seafood adventure together! 📩🍣 

Important Note: Please be informed that the pelagic fishing ban in Ecuador probably will start on February 15th. So do not hesitate with your order!