October – December , 2020. ECUADOR NEWS. The catch season opens MAHI MAHI ( CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS) : A Powerhouse of Healthy Protein.

The dolphinfish is distributed in tropical and subtropical waters [...]

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Septimber, 2020. PERU NEWS. Plant #5. We are glad to offer you sea cucumber from our processing facility in Peru.

BONI SEAFOOD INC can offer you annual program for this [...]

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17 Septimber, 2020. PERU NEWS COVID19. FOCUSED QUARANTINE OF MAINTAIN IN CUSCO, MOQUEGUA, PUNO AND TACNA (Also in 25 other provinces in 12 regions)

17 Septimber, 2020. PERU NEWS COVID19. FOCUSED QUARANTINE OF [...]

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07 Septimber, 2020. ECUADOR NEWS. Plant #4. OFFER Wild peeled ECUADOR Shrimps TITI / Pomada (Potrachypene Precipua) is a type of small size varies 15-25mm.

Product specifications :PUD :- Species : TITI SHRIMP( Potrachypene Precipua)- [...]

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30 June 2020, ECUADOR’s tuna fishery. Ecuador processes 500,000 metric tons (MT) of tuna annually (i.e., yellow fin, black skipjack, and bigeye tuna).


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