Catching ban is over. Chek out our fresh arrivals of pelagics

CATCHING BAN for Pelagics in Ecuador is FINALLY OVER! ✨ We have already getting new arrivals in stocks your seafood experience, providing an ideal fusion of quality, flavor, and sustainability. 

Whether you’re a cannery or bait company, our diverse selection caters to your unique needs. Celebrate the start of the new season with us! Choose Boni Seafood for a reliable and sustainable supply chain that meets the highest industry standards.  

Why Choose Boni Seafood?  

1️⃣ Your Direct Connection to the Source: We operate our own plant in Ecuador, ensuring a seamless journey from ocean to plate. This direct connection guarantees year-round availability and affordable prices.  

2️⃣ Quality and Sustainability: Quality and sustainability are non-negotiable for us. We’re committed to responsible seafood choices, and our stringent quality control is a promise we uphold at every step.  

3️⃣ Customized Solutions for Your Unique Business: We offer flexibility like no other. Whether you need one product in a container or a mix of up to 20, we’ve got you covered. Your unique business needs are our priority.  

4️⃣ Partner-Friendly Payment Terms: We make partnering with Boni Seafood a breeze. Our payment options are designed with your convenience in mind.  

Ready to make waves in the world of seafood? 📩 Drop us a message to place your order or learn more! Let’s create a seafood adventure together! 🌊🍣