This week, we’re featuring the finest catches from the depths of Ecuador: Bullet Tuna. Dive into a world of exquisite flavors and unbeatable quality! 🐟🔵 

🔵 Bullet Tuna (Auxis Thazard):  

Health Benefits: Packed with omega-3s and protein, Bullet Tuna is a healthy delight for your heart and muscles.  

Culinary Uses 

  • Sashimi and Sushi: Its firm flesh and rich flavor make it ideal for raw dishes. 
  • Grilling and Broiling: Marinate and cook quickly for a savory treat. 
  • Ceviche: “Cook” in citrus juice with vegetables and herbs. 
  • Steaks and Fillets: Pan-sear, bake, or poach for a nutritious meal. 
  • Salads and Sandwiches: Flake cooked tuna for added richness. 

Cannery Uses 

  • Canned Chunks: Firm texture, packed in oil, water, or brine. 
  • Tuna Paste and Pâté: Flavored spreads made from processed tuna. 
  • Tuna in Sauces: Convenient ready-to-eat meals. 
  • Tuna Flakes: Versatile addition to salads and casseroles. 

Bait Uses 

  • Bait: Strong scent and oily flesh for sharks and pelagic species. 
  •  Artificial Lures: Enhances lures with scent and texture. 

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