Looking for the freshest and most delectable shrimp varieties? Look no further! At Boni Seafood, we’ve got a wide range of options that will tantalize your taste buds. 

🔹 WHITE KING PRAWN (PENAEUS VANNAMEI): Our White King Prawns are the epitome of seafood delicacies. With their generous size and mild, sweet flavor, they are perfect for grilling and creating exquisite dishes. 

🔹 YELLOWLEG SHRIMP (FARFANTEPENAEUS CALIFORNIENSIS): Versatile and sweet, Yellowleg Shrimp can elevate a variety of recipes. They’re ideal for health-conscious diners and anyone looking for great taste. 

🔹 TITI SHRIMP (PROTRACHYPENE PRECIPUA): Titi Shrimp’s unique appearance makes it perfect for seafood cocktails and garnishes. They add visual appeal to your dishes. 

Why Choose Boni Seafood? 

1️⃣ Your Direct Connection to the Source: We operate our own plant in Ecuador, ensuring a seamless journey from ocean to plate. This direct connection guarantees year-round availability and affordable prices. 

2️⃣ Quality and Sustainability: Quality and sustainability are non-negotiable for us. We’re committed to responsible seafood choices, and our stringent quality control is a promise we uphold at every step. 

3️⃣ Customized Solutions for Your Unique Business: We offer flexibility like no other. Whether you need one product in a container or a mix of up to 20, we’ve got you covered. Your unique business needs are our priority. 

4️⃣ Partner-Friendly Payment Terms: We make partnering with Boni Seafood a breeze. Our payment options are designed with your convenience in mind. 

Ready to savor the finest shrimp and enjoy the benefits of partnering with Boni Seafood? Contact us today to explore your seafood options and take your business to the next level! 🌟