Mahi mahi is known for its pleasant taste and is one of the most popular food fish served in restaurants. Like many tropical fishes, it has a sweet taste and a mild to moderate flavor. Its flesh is lean, firm, and almost meaty, with a delicate and moist texture. Mahi fish also have a distinct “fishy flavor” that’s often described as being milder than swordfish but stronger than halibut.

Size: fillets 1-3/3-5/5-7/7+ pounds
Packing: IQF/Poly bag sacks/ Master Carton 5-10 kg
Presentation: Whole Pound /HGT / HG/ Fillets/ Loins skin off/ Portions/ steaks Portions 6-8-10-12oz HG 4kg+ HGT 5kg+
Catching season Dec to Abpril
Fishing Area Wild Caught Pacific Ocean
Country of origin: Ecuador, Peru FAO 87