Brown shrimp are low in saturated fat and are a very good source of selenium and vitamin B12. Selenium is important for the immune system and can aid in the absorption of calcium. Vitamin B12 is a key part of the body’s metabolic process. This is a healthy, low-fat meal for the whole family.
Although shrimp are a low-calorie source of protein, they must be cooked properly to retain their health benefits. The healthiest way to cook shrimp is to steam or grill them. Serve steamed or grilled shrimp with salads and low-calorie pasta for a perfectly balanced meal.

Size: 16-20/ 21-25/ 26-30/ 31-40 or U7/ U8/ U10/ U12/ U15/ ONLY
Mix Sizes: 10/20 – 20%, 20/30 – 30%, 30/40 – 30%, 40/60 – 20%
Product Form: HOSO/ HLSO; TO ORDER
Pack: 800 gr/ 2 kg retail box; 10 kg box; TO ORDER
Catching Season: Year-round
Fishing Area: FAO 87
Wild Caught: Pacific Ocean
Country of origin: Ecuador