Bent boats at the Manta fishing pier.
Ecuador has the most powerful tuna fleet in the Eastern Pacific, 116 vessels, with a trawling capacity of 93,000 tons and a catch per year of approximately 280,000 tons of tuna, according to the report of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Tuna Industries and Processors. .

The fishing and cabotage terminal of the Port of Manta is vital for this achievement, since it has a high volume of fishing reception from artisanal and industrial boats, which together with shrimp boats constitute the largest fishing fleet in Ecuador.

For some analysts, Ecuador is the second largest tuna producer in the world, maintaining that the carrying capacity of the Ecuadorian fleet makes it the one with the “greatest power” in the region and the second worldwide, after Thailand. In addition, the country has registered and recognized rights through the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission.

Local industries process 500,000 tons of tuna per year: 80% is sent to the foreign market (loins, cans and ‘pouches’) and 20% for local consumption.

The majority of industries (70%) are installed in Manta, a city considered to be the ‘Tuna Capital’. 250,000 tons of raw material come from the catches of the national fleet and the rest is imported. BONISEAFOOD INC offers fresh frozen tuna from the capital of Tuna-MANTA, specify the volume and presentation of the product. We can also offer ready-made canned tuna.