Size: 100-150/150-200/200-300/300-400/400+
Country of Origin: Ecuador, FAO 87

It’s an oily fish full of Omega-3 healthy fats.
First, you need to take the bone off and you’ll be left with two boneless fillets ready to cook. Rub some olive oil on the skin side of the fish and add a little salt.
Once your pan is hot, put your fillets on the skin side down. Use your hand to put a little bit of pressure on the fillets to increase the surface contact. If the fish puff up you know it’s fresh. After a few minutes, flip the fillets over and cook the other side. Plate the fish and it’s ready to eat. If you’d like, pair it with a pickled beetroot salad.

Pacific Mackerel can also be processed into fillets, salted fish, stockfish and canned fish.