Wild freshwater crayfish (CHERAX QUADRICARINATUS) , smooth lustrous deep blue to the green shell, with males exhibiting bright red coloring on the margins of their large claws. Distinguished from other crayfish by size, color, and the presence of four distinct anterior ridges (carinae) of the carapace. “Redclaw”, is a tropical species native. It is physically robust with broad geographic potential, has a simple life-cycle. Its texture and flavor compare very favorably with commonly eaten marine crustaceans and, having the appearance of a lobster, is positioned at the premium end of the crustacean market spectrum. Based on FAO statistical returns, redclaw farming activities are also known to exist in Belize, China, Indonesia, Israel, Morocco, Panama, Spain, and the USA.
BUT, our product is wild caught, environmentally friendly, fresh, tasty both boiled and fried.