Delicious fish, ideal for grilling or barbecuing. Emery fish (Latin Ruvettus pretiosus, English Oil fish) Ruvetta. The precious ruvette is a marine fish of the Gempilaceae family, the only species in the genus Ruvettus. The fish feeds on small fish, crustaceans and calamari. It was called emery because of its very rough surface, it has sharp bony tubercles between the scales, to the touch like a rough abrasive of an emery sharpener. Although this name has become less used after, in gastronomy this fish entered the category of so-called “oil fish”. The harmful properties of emery fish are certainly impressive, but there are also positive ones, these are:
– Pleasant taste;
– The content of potassium, which will help with cardiovascular diseases;
– The work of the endocrine system will be helped by the chromium contained in the product, which also contributes to maintaining a healthy weight and keeps the muscles of our body in good shape;
– The composition contains many trace elements and vitamins;
– The fish lives exclusively in unpolluted waters (WILD CATCH), therefore it is advertised as “environmentally friendly”;
– Fats in the composition can produce a rejuvenating effect, improving the structure of the integumentary tissue of a person.
Cooking recommendations

1) I cook this fish in the air fryer, pre-salt it. Do not add other spices at will, because the meat is quite tasty. The air fryer is good because it removes a significant amount of fat, while the fish remains very juicy.
2) Long-term smoking.
3) Cooking this fish on the grill rack. Fresh frozen product from BONI SEAFOOD INC.