The Chilean jack mackerel, sometimes called the Inca scad or Peruvian jack mackerel, is a species of jack mackerel in the genus Trachurus of the family Carangidae. Records of Chilean catches of jack mackerel began being kept in the 1950s. In national terms, they start to become important in the early 1970s. At present, jack mackerel is Chile’s main industrial fishery. Catches made by Chile represent 86% of the total recorded by FAO for statistical area 87. Age readings from the catches have allowed establishing age 2 as the recruitment age
to the fisheries, i.e. fish between 15 cm and 21 cm FL. At present, in northern Chile, jack mackerel older than age 4 is less available for fishing. A epipelagic species, often confined to neritic zones of coast or island shelves, banks and sea mounts, a schooling species. Feeding primarily on crustaceans (copepods), shrimps, but also small fishes and squid. It has become one of the world’s most important commercial fish species. Boni Seafood INC in partnership with Chilean fishery has access to quotas and catches of this product. We are pleased to offer jack mackerel to our clients from various markets on a long-term basis.