Eels taste really good. The texture of the meat is soft yet firm, has a nice chew on it, and it doesn’t have that fishy aftertaste. Although saltwater eels have thicker skins and tougher meat than fresh water ones, both still taste good. Some might say that eel meat tastes a little bland, but it is not. It is one of the fattiest foods you will find in the sea. Unagi is a freshwater eel and is supposedly high in saturated cholesterol and fat. As compared to Anago, a saltwater eel, is less oily and rich, is a healthier choice. Many people prefer eating Unagi because of its richer taste. Great for smoking!!!
Size: 100-200/200-400/400-600/600up GR
Product Form: Whole / Fillets
Pack: 10-20 kg Box; To order
Catching Season: Year-round
Fishing Area :FAO 87
Wild Caught Pacific Ocean