Ecuador processes 500,000 metric tons (MT) of tuna annually (i.e., yellow fin, black skipjack, and bigeye tuna). FRESH BIG EYE TUNA (THUNNUS OBESUS ) Product Form: Whole Round/ HG/HGT/Portions/Steaks/Loins. Fishing Area : FAO 87. Wild Caught Pacific Ocean. Big-eye tuna is a type of tuna that is called what it is for having such large eyes. It is typically used for sashimi. Big eye tuna is said to grow as large as 2 meters in length weighing as much as 150 kilograms in weight. Fresh and frozen bigeye is sold to foodservice operators as loins and steaks. WE OFFER FRESH COOLED FISH FROM 60 KG + (AIR DELIVERY)