The process of laying the PACIFIC MOONFISH (SELENE PERUVIANA) size 150-200 grams, in forms for pre-freezing 10KG, Whole Round, a plastic sheet is used. Pacific Moonfish/Carita is a flat silvery fish often called moonfish as it is round and silver as the moon. Traditional preparation of the Ecuadorian Coast, mainly from Guayaquil. It is influenced by the Valdivia culture. These first inhabitants used the fishing to subsist. They ate it raw or cooked. It began to fry with the arrival of the Spanish. Its good flavor is based on dressings, a base of garlic, cumin, mustard, lemon and salt. The fish is accompanied with fried cassava, green banana and the delicious tanning of onion, tomato and lemon juice.
mantle (white, lean, no bones or scales)
make it a good alternative for protein
concentrates, which could be used for
manufacturing surimi. The mantle and
by-products could also be used to obtain protein hydrolysates, collagen and
pigments, while the viscera are rich in
enzymes and lipids.