BONI SEAFOOD INC can offer you annual program for this product with monthly shipments of the required volume. DRIED SEA CUCUMBER BROWN SEA CUCUMBER
Treatment: OVEN /Air/Sun Dried.
Final Product Salt Content: 5%.
Average size of dried product: 4cm+.
Max size of dried product 15cm.
Color – black, solid.
Classification: *45/55 pieces per Kg.
Moisture 5-10%.
Pack: Bulk master carton 20-30 IQF Kg. Carton Shelf life – 1-2 years. Label and packaging – as requested by the buyer
Fishing Area : FAO 87. Wild Caught Pacific Ocean.
Country of origin: Peru. EXPORT: Delivered Aeroports Canada/ EEUU/ Korea/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Singapur.